Vets Uncovered 2023

Following in the annual tradition, started in 2015, 4th year Veterinary Science Students from North Queensland have stripped off with their mates and some animal friends to raise money and awareness for a chosen charity that has worked hard to support local producers, animal allies and to raise funds for their graduation ball! This year we had the help of local photographer Karlene Jacobson (@Karlene.J.Photography), who made our vision come true.

​This year the graduating class of 2023 are proud to have chosen the Royal Flying Doctors Service (RFDS), a charity which numerous members in our cohort have relied on over the years; as well as many of our future clients. You can find further information in the 'Charity' tab above.

​Supporting such a great charity meant those participating in the calendar were very excited to bare all for a good cause and the day itself was a great bonding experience for the cohort. Due to COVID putting a stop to face-to-face classes over the past 3 years, this was one of the few days we saw each other in Semester 1 of 2022. Whilst seeing a little more than each others faces, we made great memories as a cohort that will last a lifetime. We hope to celebrate more of these memories again at our Graduation Ball, which would not be made possible without the fundraising efforts of this calendar. ​

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it.