Burrumbuttock Hay Runners

This year, 10% of the funds raised in the Vets Uncovered Calendar will be donated to the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners. This is a group founded by Brendan Farrell in 2014 with the aim to perform “hay runs” which deliver much needed feed to severely drought affected farmers in Rural Australia.


Since 2014, the Runners have done 11 trips throughout New South Wales and Queensland. In the last run alone, over $6million worth of donated hay and supplies were delivered to over 800 farmers. The Hay Runners believe in “keeping the dream alive” by showing struggling farmers that Australians from all over the country care and believe that they are important in Australia’s future.


All the hay delivered on the hay runs is donated from Australian farmers and the trucks’ fuel is funded by donation too. All participants in the hay runs are volunteers and give weeks of their time to help out fellow Aussies. In recent runs, other vital supplies have been donated and delivered such as dog food, fresh fruit and veggies, pantry essentials and other household items.


Drought affects Australian farmers, their families, local businesses, communities. Please support this worthy charity and buy a 2018 Vets Uncovered calendar, and for further information visit